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God Saved My Job!!!

I am amidst my delve into magic. Real Magic. It’s hard to know what to say about a subject which bears such a stigma. One will most likely attribute such thoughts of idle fantasy as some form of delirium. How incredulous the greater world can be, and how this very reason is why I’ve avoid My Curse for so long.

Today, right now, I’d like to talk about what happened to me lady week. Last week, I slept through my alarm for work. I work nights. My shift starts at 10:30pm. I slept until 12:46am. Needless to say it would have gotten me fired. When I woke up, I hurriedly called my boss. No answer. I called 2 more times. Aware if most likely lose my job, if lose everything I had. Home and all. I prayed to Raphael, who came to me to start saving the Dead months before, and to God, who I has spoken to me a few times. But they were already at work, most likely to chided me on not fully believing in them nor myself.

The next day, after a tormentous 20 hours of waiting, I showed up at work and my boss asked me what happened. I said, I called, and asked why didn’t he answer. “My phone was dead by the time I clocked in. It’s been acting up,” he said.

Did you catch it? I did.

“I called you like 5 times,” I exclaimed, “You didn’t get my voicemail?”

“No,” he muttered, thinking, confused and pondersome, his phone might have been the problem.
“Do you still have the calls on your phone?”

‘Shit!’ I thought to myself. “I don’t know… Let me see.” I opened my call list. It showed 12:51am, 12:54am, and 1:01am. I closed the list and pleaded to God & Raphael in my head. Then I opened it again. The same times were there. Then 2 more appeared, 10:43pm & 10:37pm. Still late, but better. “See Ron. Look. ”

“Paul still ain’t gonna let you slide, probably, you know, if you didn’t call before your shift started.”

“I did. I don’t know why they’re not there. Let me check yours. I think they delete out of the call log after 24 hours.”

“Hope you find’em.”

I fucked with the clock in my phone and instead of changing all the times it added 2 more calls I never made! 9:34pm & 9:45pm!!!

Now I had 7 calls. 4 calls I never made. It saved my job, my home, my family. It was a miracle! Paul, my head boss, asked me why I didn’t call security to call off. I said I couldn’t get through. (It happened to me and my boss before.) “But those should be in your phone too, right? If you can’t find them, I have to fire you.”

I was sweating balls at this point. I pretended to look.

“So what happened?” As I told him what happened, he forgot about the missing phone calls and said don’t let it happen again.

I should tell you my boss HATES me! He’s lazy and he knows I think he’s incompetent. So, him letting me keep my job is amazing! Thank God for his mercy.

If that wasn’t magic, a miracle, I only know what else it could’ve been. God & Raphael, you my eternal gratitude.


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I haven’t done an english lesson in awhile, so I figured I jump back in with a very obscure topic. “And” and “&”. I’ll first start off with stating that the difference is very minor, and nearly impossible to know, in english. But as a writer, I find it VERY important. Further, the difference (though minor) can be used to very strong effect. The real ailment is more in the laziness and stupidity of these last generations of native english speakers and to that effect the degradation of english as a whole. (“OMG” is actually in some recently printed dictionaries. How pathetically sad. That states my point succinctly, to a T.)
What the difference is and how to use them, as I will show, can be very important. That said, let’s begin.

“&”, which is spoken as “and” when used in a sentence in place of “and”, is a symbol meaning “and per se and”. The symbol’s name is “ampersand”, a contraction of the aforementioned phrase. It can be used just like “and” can, in lieu of “and”. But, it should not be. This is a bastardization of its purpose.
“&” shows affinity and sympathy of two items, unlike “and” which only denotes the grouping of items. I know this is hard to understand. In fact, most english speakers do not understand the difference. So let me give three examples:

“Mark and Becka and Sherry and John went hiking together.”

“Mark, Becka, Sherry, and John went hiking together.”

“Mark & Becka and Sherry & John went hiking together.”

The first example is horrible english. Never write like this.
The second example is how the first example should be written and it is proper english.
The third example it also proper english and tells more about the people hiking than the second example. Here’s how:
Look at the second example again. Notice how it groups the four people together? This sentence only shows a grouping. Judging by the fact that they are hiking together you assume they are friends, or at the least have some type of reason they are together. It tells you there are two girls and two guys, so you can guess they are two couples going on a hike, but you can’t be sure about any of this. The sentence just doesn’t tell you enough for you to make a guess.
However, example three does. Look at it again. By using “&;” instead of “and”, this example shows that “Mark & Becka” are together with “Sherry & John” and that they are hiking. By using “&” instead of “and” you know that Mark cares more about Becka than he cares about Sherry or John. Why? Because “&” is sympathetic, unlike “and”, it shows favoritism. It shows a grouping within the grouping provided of by “and”.

Now that I’ve explained it, can you tell the difference between example two and three?

Here’s another example to reiterate:

Amy was asked what were some of her favorite foods.
She said, “Mangos, kiwi, orange sherbet, fish & chips, green olives… oh, and pickles!”

Did you notice “fish & chips”? She is stating that she likes fish and chips together, as a single unit, as a single favorite snack. It also means that she may not like fish and chips separately. Or at least not half as much as she would if they were together.

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Historical Sea Levels

     First, I’ll cover the most boring. This first map is a map based on maximum sea level height. Given current warming of the atmosphere and oceans, the water levels will increase by 250 feet within 300 years. The map, I should state, is only accurate within 100 miles. The two hand drawn lines are the Gulf Streams. The blue line represents the current Gulf Stream. The purple line represents the future Global Gulf Stream.

World, with 100 meter sea level rise

This  image is licensed under a Creative Commons License.  Credit: Dave Pape

  Now onto historical sea levels. This second map represents Earth just before the end of the last Ice Age. You’ll notice how much more land was present then. The timeframe is the year, 10,500 B.C.

The sea levels rose very swiftly after this time, roughly 450 feet over 1,000 years. The shear massive inundation of the land during this sea level adjustment is why a The Flood Myth occurs in nearly all religions. An interesting note that lends itself towards this fact is that ancient man had to live near the water to fish or be within a few days walk inland (40-100 miles), as a trading city to survive. Also, the Arabian, Mediterranean, and Floridian areas were permanently flooded inland by, in some cases, hundreds of miles.
    The area labeled (1) points to:
Japan, which was once a mountain range connected to Asia Proper with a giant prehistoric inland lake.
Indonesia, Malaysia, & the islands, were all connected on a much larger peninsula. Of all the prehistoric world this area was the most effected by the sea level rise, losing tens of thousands of square miles.
Austrailia, also was much larger during this time. Allowing for the easy crossing of the ancient Polynesian peoples to reach the continent during the ice ages starting 50,000 years ago. These became the indigenous australoid peoples, who are now a distinct and separate phenotype who are superficially similar to the negroid peoples. They are not even vaguely related.
You’ll notice a very large island once existed east of prehistoric Australia. There were also thousands of smaller islands which once existed or larger versions of the ones that still exist now, throughout the oceans of the world. Most are not visible on this map, as they are less than a hundred miles in their dimensions.

Under the label (2):
The Red Sea, The Persian Gulf, The Mediterranean Sea, and the surrounding bodies of water did not exist in during the last ice age.

Under label (3):
At this time, Europe, The Caribbean, and Central America had much more land.
You’ll notice the yellow dot below the (3). This dot is on a large island which no longer exists. This island is unique. Many ancient kabbalistic maps mark this island as Atlantis.
The true curiosity of this island comes from Edgar Kasey, the most profound psychic and prophet in history. What was so astonishing about him was that he gave only gave the answers to questions, while under clinically controlled hypnosis. He had cured thousands of illnesses, found lost & kidnapped children, solved murders, and was even investigated after providing information on a plane crash. He gave a little over 44,000 prophecies. A stenographer was used to record everything he said during this time. To date, it is the most complete and largest collection of prophecy.
    He was once asked if Atlantis existed.
        He answered, “Yes.”
    He was asked where it was.
        He asked for a map and draw an island in the Caribbean. (Just where it appears on this map.)
    He was then asked if we would ever prove it existed.
        He answered, “In the year 1966 or ‘67.”
Now while we do not believe Atlantis ever existed, in 1967 a road was found lined with ruins in the Caribbean at the yellow dot on the map. A spot, on the island Kasey marked as, “Atlantis.”

Man has always had a strong need for the sea. Even today, the most populated areas are those closest to large bodies of water who can harbor ports. While man need of the sea has changed from being used for fishing to also being used for commercial shipping, we need it no less now than we have throughout history.
 And with most every early tribe of man along the shores or the nearby low lying plains for survival. They began building small cities, which became buried under the rising waters. Over 4,000 years later, they became the cities of myth.

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Today Adie, sitting in her highchair looked up at me and pointed with her tiny two year old fingers. “What’s dat?” She said in her little inquisitive voice.
I responded, “A peach.”
“What’s dat?” She repeated.
I said, “A PEE-Cha,” trying to accentuate the sounds as much as possible.
“What’s dat?” She repeated again, autonomically.
I responded in kind, “a peach.”
“What’s dat?” Yet again she asked.
Slightly annoyed and assuming she just wants to her herself, I responded in japanese, “momo.”
“MOMO!!!” Adie blurted out, clear as a bell, but cacophonicously. Her two syllables, crisp and sharp in sound, like two books clamoring to the floor in an otherwise silent library.
“Yea, momo.” I replied in near retort, incredulously doubting her new expanded vocabulary.
“Momo! More, more . . . momo, I eat more.” She fumbled with the word, trying to place it syntactically.
It seems my loving, little girl has indeed found a new word. She said it several more times as I was eating, giving her a new one every time she asked, “Momo?” I’m mildly amused by this turn of events. I do tell her japanese to every english word she knows, but this one was the first one that stuck. It’s kinda cute, endearing really. She will have to learn the english word before she starts kindergarten though. But she has three years, so I guess it’s fine. Hmh. Momo. She’s so adorable. I still have a smile on my face.

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Mal Chance, Kreteks.

(Obama: Puppet or Puppetmaster?)

If you smoked kreteks now you don’t. Why? Obama is an asshole. I just bought a pack of those Djarum Black Supersmooths. The first thing I noticed: They were smaller. The second thing: They taste like shit. I smoked cloves (ergo KRETEKS) but supersmooths are not kreteks. They are just normal run of the mill cigarettes.
If I wanted to smoke a cigarette, I’d smoke Camel Wides like I used to. But I don’t. AND THAT”S the point. You see a while back, lobbyists for domestic cigarette companies like Camel, Marlboro, & Newport almost got a law passed that banned kreteks from the US. But now under the guise of “health awareness” and “beneficence”, Obama has and congress have managed to swindle the american people out of yet another freedom of choice, scoring a victory for the domestic cigarette companies and a hard hit for Indonesia (the largest exporter of kreteks and in & of itself the region’s largest export) and some other parts of Southeast Asia.
Obama has done a great job of masking it too, because he got rid of specialty domestics as well, like Camel Crush. But, the truth of the matter is, those were only invented by domestic companies to help invade the specialty market occupied by the lovely clove cigarettes known as kreteks. The only question I have for Obama is: Which domestic cigarette company just gave you a free life-time supply of theirs? Was it Marlboro, Camel, or Newport?

I’ll leave this article with a funny quote from the movie Dogma, that now has become bitterly ironic:
“How is it a black man can steal your stereo, but he can’t be your savior?”
Easy, Name him Obama and Let Him Take Away My Freedom of Choice.

Oh, so true.

I hope the next black president isn’t a douchebag like him.
What’s next Obama? Are you gonna make us smokers all wear cute little yellow armbands with Crossed Cigarettes on them? Perhaps put us in little ghettos, then ship us off to quaint & cozy, fenced-in “vacation communities”? Hitler hated Jews and he was part Jewish. It seems you hate smokers and are a smoker yourself. Hmmm . . .
. . . So, I guess I’m a nonsmoker now, since I don’t want to end up lined up, shot and dumped, in a mass grave.
Heil Obama, Mine Führer und Reichskanzler!

You may be able to pull the wool over a sheep’s eyes, but you just took the disguise off the wolf. And Here are My Teeth. I can’t wait to get out of this country now. I wish I was rich. I’d be in Ryu Kyu by now. Sitting under palm trees and smoking my Blacks.

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This is the name of my manga I’m working on.


shi-chan crying headshot (small)

Here’s the Main Character:  Akiyama Tenshi – 赤山 天死  


Character Profile - RisaRisa


And here’s a few lines:

“Her name was Risa, Watanabe Risa. She would come by every so often to say hi. Sometimes we would talk for hours. I dreaded the sunsets. It meant she had to go back to her home to a world I would never, could never see. Sunsets. Each one felt like the end of the world.

She was my friend for 8 years and one day we just “clicked”. I fell in love. For two years little by little I opened up. She helped me free myself of the shackles of hate that kept me from wanting to really be around people. I really began to feel happiness.

Then she left. One day she just moved. she left a note wedged in her house’s side door. She wanted to be something, and she had loved me so much she had stay too long here just for me.


That one word had the same sound as the breaking of my heart. I went home got drunk and filled up the bathtub. I passed out in the water. An easy suicide, Right? Wrong…”

“Welcome everyone! Congratulations on your acceptance in to Tenshi no makoto gaku. I am your vice principal, Yahara Mizuho! And now, I’d like to introduce your principal, as he would like to say a few words. Fushomo-sensei.

Good morning, everyone. My name is Fushomo Io. I’d like to address everyone who has come here with a smiling face. This is not a game. This is not your playground. This is not your salvation. You cannot waste all your time here thinking this is a release. This is no redo. No pass Go and collect $200 dollars. No homerun. You are here because you failed. You lost. And even hell cannot accept you! Every one of you here has broken the laws of nature, the commandments in the most dire of ways. Each and every one of you has sinned the most grievous of sins. You desired to leave your destiny behind, have chosen to shun the path that life had laid out before you. You chose not to choose. Not to overcome. Not to endure hardships. You chose to be weak, to be fragile, to be lost. You chose death. You chose Suicide. How many of you thought that in the next life it would be better? That you could have hope, and joy, and happiness? Or that you wouldn’t mind hell because life must have been worse? . . . . . . Silence. Silence! If silence is golden then you all shine like golden suns! You have broken the laws of fate and now you must pay for it! If you succeed you may reach heaven, if you fail you will reach oblivion. Not even an echo of your existence will remain. You will be forever gone. Your soul shredded into tatters and burned to ash to be blown away beyond the nothingness. So, I will say again what I started with. This is not a game. This is your penance. Your test. And less than a third will pass. Fail and hence forever more or succeed and deserve true happiness. Make your choice. My prayers will be with you.

And now I would like to introduce the freshmen class representative . . .

 “When I died I thought I’d either stop existing or maybe go to Hell. I never thought I’d Wake up dead. 

The two really bad parts.

One: The afterlife looks just like the real world. 

Two: If I die again before I save a thousand souls my soul will cease to exist. I died once I’m afraid to die again.

Sardonic, isn’t it.”


This material, in part or in whole, may not be copied, reprinted, or published without the written consent of the owner.

That’s me. So, it may be quoted only on this post. Any other use is a criminal offense.

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