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Watch the shows and movies in My Favorites Section. Start at the top and work your way down. I usually love movies which highlight the core of human emotions and the nature which we as americans wish we could achieve. Though some, focus more on what we are rather than what we want to be and others are geared towards dealing with life as it is. Americans are big on the idea that with in every person lies the chance of being noble in the face of adversity. Whether it’s Fight Club, Seven Pounds, What Dreams May Come, or Dawson’s Creek, that meaning is the core of the stories that unfold onscreen. This is not a look at american “pop culture” films , like Saw, but a look at the more dramatic serious side of the media, even Scrubs has some very serious cores in their stories.


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Notes for japanese people having trouble pronouncing english words because of their thick accent

You might have noticed an americajin or eigojin’s heavy accent. We can spot yours even easier. These tips will help your accent weaken or hide it from being heard.
Tip 1: Learn how to make L sounds. They DO NOT sound like Rs! (Look is not Rook. Rook is a chess piece.)
Tip 2: Learn your V sounds, too.
Tip 3: Learn TH, TH, TH! You can’t even say my name!
Tip 3: If you have trouble with consonants because you can’t drop the vowel sounds, DO NOT use “hard vowels” Example: Say my last name: Wolford . . .  (I’ll wait.)  . . . Now try this: wo – la – fu – ru – da. If the first time you tried you made my name sound like wo – ro – ho – ru – do, you need to work on pronunciation.

You gotta practice by listening, really listening to natives talk. Watch a movie, and repeat the words, and try to sound like that person.

I can hear the difference between a Missourian and Texan english after maybe less than three words. I can imitate the accents of Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, The Carolinas, Australia (You sound like you’re from Brisbane,” a visiting australian once told me), my Northern Irish is spot on, and my Parisian accent is much better in french than in english (again a french woman once told me that, after I bitched out an american woman I waited on in french).  I’m working on my japanese accent. I want to sound like I’m from japan, not a tourist with bad manners.

My point is to practice and pay attention. I’ve never been to Ireland, Austrailia, or France, but I pay attention and that’s how I do it.

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What is the opposite of:

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What is the opposite of: Midnight

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Antonyms are words which have OPPOSITE MEANINGS.
What is the opposite of:

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