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The Laws of Demons

There are many types of people. Most of them are worthless vile creatures. I hate most people, because people…People are worth hating.
 I feel trapped -everyday- by a world of liars, of spineless, brainless demons. Willing to hurt those around them for self-preservation, for nothing more than the ability to be lazy. Safe in Sloth by erring on the side of ass kissing. Time and time again, I find that the people in higher positions, whether my boss or “My” president, they are worthless offal. Everyday, I am struck, wounded by the knowledge that it is not ability to perform a task, but the ability to accept being face-fucked by ‘superiors’ which lets someone advance to these higher positions.
 And when these bastard vermin attain their coveted higher position they, like the vermin they replace, revel in their ability to force others to do their work whilst they themselves do nothing but drink coffee and sit on their ass. They still expect others to work, follow all rules, and they use those rules (twist them) to harass those that do not act as they once did.
 I, I don’t take kindly to those who attempt to exploit me. I do my job. I expect those, whether above or below me, to do the EXACT same. But, not these blighters. “Do as I say, not as I do.” They wear such a motto. It is the maxim of the legion carrion.
“It’s not my job.” I’ve heard so many times, askewed to imply that despite the fact that one may be able to provide assistance for someone who deserves it by their need, they would err on the side of laziness and worthlessness. Far be it for them to extend their hand in needed help for another less fortunate, for someone working hard who could use the help. Because they gain nothing themselves, only work. How sad, this world has become ruled by demons. This is but one of the reasons my blog in entitled, Apocalypse 18:2.
 Apocalypse means “to reveal”. But you might better know this word by its english counterpart, Revelation. Revelation 18:2 speaks volumes of  the current world, “Fallen, fallen is the city of Babylon. For it has become a dwelling place of demons.”
 That is what the world has become. Made vile by The Vile Spawn of Satan. Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Vanity, Pride, Lust, Gluttony.
 Honor, Honesty, Piety, Altruism, Moderation. These things are distained in this world. This world claims a love of Heroes, but promotes only Villains. How ill this world has become.
 I am possessed of extreme intelligence. Possessed by Honor, Honesty, Piety, Altruism, and Moderation, I am a nobleman. But I am of sin as well. Wrath is my vice. I don’t presume that I am perfect. Or even worthy of praise. I despise my mistakes. My Wrath has made me harm someone so severely that I fear myself. I must perpetually control my urges to smite those who offend me. In my youth my fists delivered swift vengeance for minimal trespasses. Now I must use words first. And cafefully worded, they must be. Because, in America, saying something like, “If you don’t shut up, I’m going to hurt you,” is no different than a quick hammer blow to a person’s ribs shattering their side and stopping their speech. Both are assault. Their only difference is in degree. Meer words can put you in jail. But the words of the one who caused such anger is free of reprisal. When did the world become so fucked up. A person my belittle another until they are so enraged they act upon the urge to make it stop. These same harassing words cause our lessers to commit suicide. So why is that not a crime as well. What is worse, is the fact that a person who fails at committing suicide can be convicted of “Attempted Suicide”. How novelly contemptuous, further ostracize those who have been so ostracized they wish to cease living. Such brilliant cruelty. The Laws of Demons.


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Nearly every friend I have has at one point or another pissed me off with this: inviting or just bringing someone either into a private event or have just brought them over. Does anyone else go, “What the fuck,” when this happens, or is it just me? I’d say it’s my generation, but my friend Sean is 40 and he brought this chick to D&D once. Etiquette, oh, wherefore out thou?
 Manners. Manners. Manners. Why do my friends bring their “shiny new pussy” to my house? That’s what it is. They see some chick that might have sex with them (or did) and they feel the need to bring these things along with them to a private event, AT MY HOUSE!!! All I can think is, “Look dude. I don’t care. I don’t want that new toy sucking up my oxygen.” I don’t invite people to other people’s houses. If I had to bring some girl I ask first. And not in a pushy way either, it’s like, “Hey dude. My girlfriend wanted to come over, too. Is that cool? It’s okay if it’s not. I’d understand ‘cause it’s like supposed to be just us guys, an’ shit.” How hard is that really?
 Instead, I get shit like this, “The girl I hung out with is cool as hell…she is also coming to D&D, but she wants a girl to hang out with…So, please try to have Emily keep her company, if you can. Thanks.”
 Are you shitting me? First of all, Emily does this thing called, WORK. Secondly, why the hell would she want to hang out with some random girl? Third, Did I at some point say bring this chick over? Ahhh…NO. Fourth, When the fuck did I start taking orders? And fifth, D&D is on Sunday, from 4pm ‘til 10pm. That leaves the other 160 hours in the week to ‘hang out’ with this chick, so don’t bring her to my house and fuck up my game! No chick wants to watch a guy play D&D. IT’S THE DORKIEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!! Well, right after Vampire. No “normal” girl should want to be within a mile of a gaming session. If she does, is either has no idea what D&D is, or is a super dork and it’s time to ditch that chick and ruuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn. Run fast!
 Why do they do this to me? Are they that desperate? Really?

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This whole week has seriously blown major ass!!! I lost both my favorite cigarettes and one of my favorite bands just a few days apart. Now I’ve talked about my Obama hatred over losing my Blacks. So I’ll get off of that dead horse and move on to this one. I was on my last pack of Blacks when my girlfriend told me they kicked Craig Owens out of Chiodos. A harrowing sadness overcame me then. Followed by the memories of why I liked them in the first place. Now before I continue further let me just say I fucking hate screamy/growly shit! My girlfriend listens to Job for a Cowboy. That shit makes me want to rip out their throats with a rusty spoon! Some of her other stuff I can stand maybe one or two songs from a band. 


Anyways, Derek left in March now Craig’s gone now too? Who the Fuck is in the Band? Yeah, two fucking guitarists… Fuck that! I don’t care who they get to replace Craig or Derek, but with what everyone is saying about it, let me just say this:
















If I buy an car witout an engine or a tires, is it really still a fucking car?










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Mayan Hot Chocolate!

Once in a time long ago, I read the Mayan recipe for hot chocolate. Theirs was alcoholic (from blue agave, if I remember) and was spiced with hot chili powder. I think the god that had the 400 rabbits for kids made it. I’m not a tequila fan at all though. In fact, I almost never drink anymore (5 times in the past 3 years). But I will say, I sprinkle a little hot chili powder into every mug of hot chocolate I make. I guess it’s my way of thanking the Mayans. Plus, It enhances the flavor by it’s contrast synergistically! I love using contrasting flavors to enhance the flavor of each other. Herr’s Red Hots (if you can find a good ‘hot’ bag) and German Chocolate covered pretzels is another good example. Going back and forth between them just makes them taste so much better than they are separately. Ooh! Another is Black Forest Chocolate Cake. A very dark chocolate and cherry liqueur. Mmm. . . So good. Now I’m hungry.

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Jackass Obama!

I have to say farewell to smoking because of Obama. You see I smoke Djarum Blacks and thus, despite My cigarettes being rare and hard to find, they are being removed from shops. Thanks Obama! I’m glad I didn’t vote or I’d be kicking my own ass right now. You’re an Idiot. Now the premise is that kids are smoking “flavored” cigarettes to begin with. Well since most people smoke Newports, Marlboros, or Camels where is your head at? Kindly remove your ass from your shoulders, Mr. Scarecrow. And stop raising taxing on cigarettes and alcohol! The heaviest smokers and drinkers have the lowest incomes (35% & 43% respectively). It is our outlet and one of the only things we can control! Why don’t you start a higher tax on places that charge $50 for a salad ! Oh, oh, YOU eat there. I’m sorry Assface. See I thought you and your ilk could afford more taxes on your fancy dinners. I must be wrong. You want to raise taxes on McDonald’s Dollar Menu and old beat up cars that barely run too? Because, then I’d really be fucked! You Nixon Wannabe. I guess the adage, “College teaches you neither manners nor commonsense,” actually applies well to you, huh? What happened to Freedom of Choice? Has anyone seen it?If someone dies from smoking guess whose fault it is? Someone trips on a rug? Fall down wet stairs? Theirs! Putting laws up against stupidity just increases the number of people in jail. It’s people like you who make laws that let someone sue for their own stupidity. You ever read Pop Tart directions? Step 1: Remove from wrapper. Are you shitting me? Pretty soon the boxes will say, “Step 1: Open,” and toilets will have, “Caution: Running Water.” Then you’ll have to start putting sign on balloons n the air that say, “Falling hazard: Do not lean against the air,” and start painting the ground, “Caution: Ground Below may cause serious injury or death.”

In twenty years, they’ll be warning labels printed on my sheets of toilet paper. . .This country gets worse everyday.

Thanks Obama! I hope someone starts a real Project: Mayhem.

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Leveling Your Opponent

1. When a person begins to come towards you to fight, they will most likely (~95%) take their first step towards you with their Defensive Side. In other words, the leg and the arm that will be closest to you if they were to set a stance. If you didn’t notice the first step, engauge the person in a short conversation and piss them off. They will usually stop moving and set a stance. Even if they don’t look like they are. Everyone does this unconsciously. Pay attention to which foot is closer to you.

2. Never pay attention to an enemy’s shoulder position. It lies and a moderate fighter can attack decently with either hand from any stance. Instead watch their toes and heels with the bottom of your eyes while looking at their chest. You might want to practice using your peripheral vision first, long before fighting.

If an opponent is going to attack with the arm closest to you, then his foot closest to you will grip the ground and his back foot will pivot its heel slightly towards you. If the attack is coming from the side farthest away from you, then his foot farthest away will grip the ground and maybe lift or move depending on the type of punch. But, it will always grip the ground first. Knowing this makes it eaiser to block and counter.

3. If an enemy attempts to grapple/tackle you, let them if they are fighting you 1 on 1, and never let them if you are facing more than one person. If facing one person, step into the grapple and lift your arms out of the way. Watch where their head is going. It will tuck under your arm, beside your ribs, on one side or another. Grab it and drop to the ground using their head as a cushion. Try not to kill them.

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Etymomania & Proselytizer

ME on Words: 

I’m not an etymologist, but I’m starting to realize etymolog,y and the evolution of languages from Proto-indo-european in general, must be a hobby of mine. (I’m sort of obsessed with the number of words which english has that come directly from PIE unchanged via West germanic.) And japanese interests me because of it’s usage of kanji via chinese but it’s lack of characteristic chinese sounds such as “ng”, “li”, “wu”, “we”, etc.,. It baffles me. I find it of unique curiosity. The evolution of these languages always leads me to other questions.
(Does anyone else care about why -dono changed to -sama in japanese besides me? Oh well.)


ME on Religion:

I know the more I learn, the more I realize I do not know. And that is the greatest height any man can aspire to. One should live in awe, inspired by the world around them everyday, or its vivid richness becomes only shades of grey. I probably read thirty pages a day of random information, my friend’s call me “The Prophet” because I can expound upon just about any subject for hours even going so far as to be able to explain, rationalize, theorize, cross-reference, and predict things like religion, science, language, and culture.
 I’ve read so much on religions that priests bulk at my beliefs and lack any adequate rebuke to me in light of me quoting where all the parts of the bible come from. The whole old testament comes Judaism. The star that marked jesus’ birth was actually seen in august. Proof of that lies in old chinese astronomical documents. His birthday was move to December to better assimilate the pagan religions of the western world who celebrated the Winter Solstice and Judaism’s Hanukkah. Easter is the same since it was designed to cover up the goddess worship held during the vernal equinox.
 The word, Easter, itself comes directly from Proto-indo-European’s Ēastre, a goddess of the sunrise, who brought with her the first day of Spring. An important day since it marked when the first crops should be planted. (This also marks her as a grain goddess.) Her name means “shining; to shine”. Curiously, the PIE word for shining is “scīnan”, so it seems Ēastran refers to the shining warm light (like the sun) while scīnan refers to anything else that shines. She is the origin of the word “East” and “Eastern”.

This post has no course does it? I’m done now.

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