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God Saved My Job!!!

I am amidst my delve into magic. Real Magic. It’s hard to know what to say about a subject which bears such a stigma. One will most likely attribute such thoughts of idle fantasy as some form of delirium. How incredulous the greater world can be, and how this very reason is why I’ve avoid My Curse for so long.

Today, right now, I’d like to talk about what happened to me lady week. Last week, I slept through my alarm for work. I work nights. My shift starts at 10:30pm. I slept until 12:46am. Needless to say it would have gotten me fired. When I woke up, I hurriedly called my boss. No answer. I called 2 more times. Aware if most likely lose my job, if lose everything I had. Home and all. I prayed to Raphael, who came to me to start saving the Dead months before, and to God, who I has spoken to me a few times. But they were already at work, most likely to chided me on not fully believing in them nor myself.

The next day, after a tormentous 20 hours of waiting, I showed up at work and my boss asked me what happened. I said, I called, and asked why didn’t he answer. “My phone was dead by the time I clocked in. It’s been acting up,” he said.

Did you catch it? I did.

“I called you like 5 times,” I exclaimed, “You didn’t get my voicemail?”

“No,” he muttered, thinking, confused and pondersome, his phone might have been the problem.
“Do you still have the calls on your phone?”

‘Shit!’ I thought to myself. “I don’t know… Let me see.” I opened my call list. It showed 12:51am, 12:54am, and 1:01am. I closed the list and pleaded to God & Raphael in my head. Then I opened it again. The same times were there. Then 2 more appeared, 10:43pm & 10:37pm. Still late, but better. “See Ron. Look. ”

“Paul still ain’t gonna let you slide, probably, you know, if you didn’t call before your shift started.”

“I did. I don’t know why they’re not there. Let me check yours. I think they delete out of the call log after 24 hours.”

“Hope you find’em.”

I fucked with the clock in my phone and instead of changing all the times it added 2 more calls I never made! 9:34pm & 9:45pm!!!

Now I had 7 calls. 4 calls I never made. It saved my job, my home, my family. It was a miracle! Paul, my head boss, asked me why I didn’t call security to call off. I said I couldn’t get through. (It happened to me and my boss before.) “But those should be in your phone too, right? If you can’t find them, I have to fire you.”

I was sweating balls at this point. I pretended to look.

“So what happened?” As I told him what happened, he forgot about the missing phone calls and said don’t let it happen again.

I should tell you my boss HATES me! He’s lazy and he knows I think he’s incompetent. So, him letting me keep my job is amazing! Thank God for his mercy.

If that wasn’t magic, a miracle, I only know what else it could’ve been. God & Raphael, you my eternal gratitude.


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