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My “Religion”

 It is hard to begin this article, as it has been to begin “My Bible”. Strange to read those words, is it not? And how strange it feels to write them. God has gifted me with this not because I am special but because I have chosen to listen. I have heard him because I have wanted to. But I should begin with the beginning not a middle. So, to the beginning.
 When I was a kid, I was a devout atheist (if indeed an atheist could be considered devout). My doctrine was one of science. I thought, ‘religion has no place in science.’ How wrong that fact was. It is not by coincidence that most theoretical physicists believe in a “higher power”. It is science that proves God exists, not disproves him.
 Science knows of souls. We have equipment to hear and see them. We know exactly how much the soul weighs. 21 grams. We know how quantitatively how powerful prayer is. Look into Yale’s Thought Experiments. They are beyond remarkable. Look into quantum physics. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, to be exact. We humans can effect the very nature of reality with little more than thought. Any wizard, high priestess, or sorcerer (like myself) will tell you that the more you practice your craft the stronger it becomes. Look at the Yogis, able to withstand cold or heat as few can naturally.
 Now think of these things. What do they mean? Prayer, magic, and meditation all lead to the same effect: The Changing of The Nature of Reality. Whether it is a changing of self or the changing of others or the warping of Karma, all means meet at the same end. Raw Power. The FBI has used remote viewers (people who can astrally project) to find hostages in the 80’s, Russian warheads in the 60’s & 70’s, and german bunkers in WWII. Different means, same end.
 Now let’s revert a bit and turn down a different path. It is said, ‘hidden within every lie is a shred of truth.’ Let us amass the worlds religions and lay them asunder so we may find these “Truths”. When trying to find the ancestral word of an older language you look at the similar words of its children languages. Look at “Father” in english. Compare latin’s “Pater”. Knowing a little of old english, you know “Father” was originally, “Fader.” Compare the sounds and the language’s general sounds and you begin to see their similarity. Comparing a few other languages from the same branches you realize that “a” in “Fader was long with latin having kept it long but shifting the “F” to “P” and the “d” to a “t”. The ultimate original word was “Fayder” in Proto-Indo-European. PIE for short. The first language of the entire continent. Do you see where I’m going now?
 Compare all the religions of the world and dispose of all things not common to more than one, barring of course those many prophets. Most speak of the burdens of the soul, the need to treat others with kindness, the belief in reincarnation, a knowledge that gods are everywhere. Use that most withering tool of man, Science. Now, left with these certain Truths weave them back together. I truly began here, with of course, questions.
 The Bible says God is in every thing, every plant, every animal, every rock. He is omnifarious. Is this any different than the beliefs of Animalism, Buddhism, or Shinto? Only by the understanding of the depths of their connection. Many forms of gods or a god with many forms. Here, on this level, they are the same.
 What of man? Look at almost all religions and they will say, ‘man was created of the dirt of the world.’ Knowing of evolution, the first fledgling life forming in these great soupy, mud-filled tidal pools, one must wonder how man knew the truth of this from the very beginning. Perhaps some faint trace of genetic memory? I’d fathom that guess, as remote as it would seem. It is just too…coincidental otherwise. The Law of Averages and such.
 The Bible says Adam and Eve were the first humans on Earth. That is genetically impossible. So the Bible is lying, right? No. For one, read as much religion as you can. If you read all of the Bible, read the Apocrypha, and you must read The Epic of Gilgamesh.
 Why? The truth lies right in the pages of the Bible, masked but there none the less. Genesis 2:22 says God created Eve from Adam’s rib, but an earlier passage, 1:27, already states that a woman had been made.
 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he was created; male and female were created.” – Gen 1:27
 Right here it hides Adam’s first wife, Lilith. But further on we see more, Adam & Eve bear only three sons but these sons marry women. And when Cain kills Abel he is sent west. In fear he asks God not to send him for he fears others (humans) might kill him. God placed a mark upon him so no man could harm him.
 This false idea of Adam as a first human comes from how it was translated: Badly. “Primo Homo” can mean “the first human”, but here it meant “the best (most perfect) human”. Indeed, Cain actually finds not only safety in the city of Enoch, but marries a second wife, has many children, and until his death actually rules it!
 But what about The Garden of Eden? Did it exist at all? Yes. It sits beneath the Red Sea. It’s description tell us exactly where it was. It had four river flow from it. The Tigris, Euphrates, Pison, and the last currently eludes my recollection. Two of these rivers still exist, the Tigris & Euphrates. The Pison & G-whatever  are fossil riverbeds which can be easily spotted from satellite photos of the area. They flowed INTO not OUT OF. One must account for thousands of years of artistic license, after all. The story itself is from The Epic of Gilgamesh which predates the Bible by some 4,000 years.
 What about the Great Flood? It’s in every religion, so it must have happened? Really? Think about the age of the human species. We have outlived hundreds of thousands of other animals. In two million years, think of all that man could (and has) witnessed. Look at what happened recently in Southeast Asia. That tsunami has happened before. Many times. Think of ancient man. To change from a hunter-gather lifestyle to a sedentary one man needed a steady, ample supply of food throughout the year. Land animals move with the seasons, but fish are always in the oceans and seas. It is not a coincidence that most religions speak of floods. With almost all settlements near oceans or seas, a tsunami will eventually strike. Europe and the Middle East are crisscrossed with many tiny faults. It was one of these faults which sealed the fate of Eden.
 During the end of the last ice age the water levels soared drastically (some 450 ft.), inundating the land. In some places, this was by hundreds of miles. At the time, a mountain range blocked the ocean water from entering the Eden Basin. Time alone, or a properly placed earthquake, sent tens of millions of gallons of water plunging down the other side. As it sundered this natural Great Wall, it flooded Eden in only four days, forcing a new coast line over a hundred miles in land, before settling close to where it sits now. This was only 10,500 years ago. Every coastal civilization has been hit by a tsunami at some point. It is simply a matter of logistics.
 Japan was hit by a tsunami that started form an earthquake on the US west coast not some few centuries past (the 1680’s, if my memory serves me correctly). The North American east coast was once battered by a tsunami from an African island’s landslide. Today, we keep a close eye on this tiny island. Krakatoa’s volcanic eruption, in 1883, was the loudest sound ever recorded. It was heard all the way in Perth, Australia. The tsunami from krakatoa and it’s pyroclastic flow killed tens of thousands of people along the Sunda Strait, in southwestern Indonesia, between Java and Sumatra. It buried both islands in over a hundred feet of white ash. Even the Mayans have a Great Flood myth, from the same African source that hit North America. We know this, thanks to their excellent record keeping.
 What about Heaven & Hell, the afterlife? Now here is where the meat begins. Let’s first talk of ghosts, souls, & spirits.
 The spirit and soul are different. This is new concept for most. When a child is conceived it is the cell’s “desire” to divide. No desire, no baby. This Desire grows as the cells multiply. This Desire is the Spirit. It latent throughout the universe to varying degrees. It is unconscious will think of it as the Fabric of Reality. Life forms a bubble of this energy. This spirit animates the body and fortifies it just enough for a child’s brain cells to form. With the input of from the senses, thought forms. Thought is the root of the Soul.
As a child becomes a man, and as that man ages, he experiences life. When he dies his matured spirit returns to The Fabric of The Astral Plane, but his soul stays transient in the space between the afterlife and the Material Plane. For most, this transient state is very brief for others nearly infinite.
 Does this seem farfetched to you? Think of this. Have you ever heard of a rock or a tree that was a ghost? No. Neither have I. Why? They lack thought and thus lack a soul.
 Before I go any further to ghosts, I must mention a something mages should know of, Thoughtforms. There is little difference between a ghost and a thoughtform. A ghost is a soul of a once living creature. A thoughtform is a soul, created by man, that has never lived.
 How could man create a soul? It is easier than you might think. Gods, demons, and angels are all thoughtforms. Some VERY powerful, but thoughtforms nonetheless. Hesitant to believe me. If you know of the Necronomicon, then you should know the book was a hoax. Yet despite this, you actually can call upon the “Old Ones”, just as you can call any angel or summon demons. The reason is because so many people believed that the book was of real gods, and the unlearned still do, that their psychic energy bubbled The Fabric and created them. On a smaller scale, have you ever wondered why a brand new house buried on virgin soil sometimes becomes haunted? Just one person truly thinking a place feels spooky can cause others to feel uneasy. Then, they start to question if something is in the house, feeling they are being stared at or touched or feeling cold. Then, something is there, a thoughtform. Thoughtforms have no energy of their own. And if that same house is unoccupied for a little while the thoughtform vanishes. Only powerful thoughtforms can last without “food” for any length of time. It takes a handful of people to create a thoughtform or sometimes only one. It takes a community to create a demons or angels, these lesser “local” gods. And it takes a religion to create “true” gods. Notice I speak of these in plurals. I haven’t got to God yet. Be patient.
 Ghosts are only different in two ways from a thoughtform. They are Souls. Souls of the dead have energy to begin with, their life force, or Animus. (Anima is the name for the Spirit counterpart.) Animus is not infinite. It is used the same way our mortal bodies use ATP to move. Ghosts need to be known to the living to regain some of this lost energy. This is why even friendly ghosts are seen. Knowing they exist feeds them.
 Violent ghosts, “Effigies” I call them, don’t just want to sustain their existence they want more energy. They terrorize people to gain more energy than they would otherwise gain. I once had an effigy lift me off my feet, throwing me into a door while I was attempting to banish her from a house. I changed my tactics after that. I captured her in an iron pot and dumped the water onto a nunnery parking lot! My fellow necromancers and a few bishops might get just how harsh that treatment was. (It borders on a cardinal sin for a little insight. It almost killed her.) Not all “spooky” ghosts are effigies, I must say. Some just don’t want you around. To them it is their house, not yours.
 After the body dies, the person may not know they have died. They float out of their body and travel back to the place of their death looking for answers or travel to their home knowing nothing and just restarting their once normal life leading up until their death. Others know when they die. Most old people and the terminally ill just move on to The Next World. They came to terms with their deaths long before they occurred.
 My friend, Tim Watkins died yesterday. He was terminally cancer-ridden. I am glad he can move on. I am greatly saddened I will never see or talk to him again. (I don’t call or summon The Dead for pleasure.) And I feel a great sorrow for his two children who will have to go on without him. We, who you have left behind, will remember you. Travel well and swiftly, my friend.

On a Side Note: Funerals are for the living, not the dead. Some of us need that, I do not. My thoughts will reach him whether I am with other mourners or not.

 Those who don’t know they have died must spend tremendous energy to learn it. Because, it is your neurons which rearranged to assimilate new knowledge. Your Soulform can’t change as easily. It must use the pathways exactly as they were in life at the time of their last coherent thoughts.
 The energy a soul has at death is relative to their age and health. This is why infant and seriously elderly ghosts are nearly unheard of while ghosts ages 7-45 are. 17-35 is the most common age group for ghosts, peaking around those two points. The older ones tend towards being effigies, having been embittered by their lives.
 The Next World is not what you think it is. Call a soul from the next world and you will find it not much different than this one. There they focus on trying reach Enlightenment, as they call it. Christians call this Purgatory. To Jews it is Sheol. The place is the same regardless of the name any single religion has given it. People get jobs! Some find and try to help ghosts cross over. Some protect children, or women, or men from whatever it might be. The jobs are so varied and numerous it’s astounding.
 Some even work for use necromancers to find out information. The newly dead who’ve crossed make great internet surfers. But the most “harm” they can really cause to us living is whisper in our ears to call someone or pay the electric bill. Necromancy is not an evil black magic. That’s Negromancy, Ars Negro, which is closer akin to Black Voodoo, or Hoodoo than necromancy. I’m not talking about John the Conquer, I mean blood binding and hexes. Alister Crowley worked negromancy, enough said.
 Necromancy is a white magic if you can actually classify magic so neatly. You may call or summon the dead to ask questions, banish or adjure against ghosts, demons, & angels, get help on essays, have them find out information, or get someone to call you that is about it. Crossed souls can’t go and kill someone for you. Angels and other souls keep a close watch and they won’t hesitate to strip you of your magic. Only demons and fallen angels can protect you from The Heavenly Host. And that is a bargain only idiots make. That damned donkey that tells you where buried treasure is can rot right where he is, thank you very much. (I’m not kidding. There IS actually a demon who looks like a mangy ass. How Ironic. God’s got one HELL of a sense of humor!) Anyway, back on topic.
 Crossed Souls know almost as little we do. There is a Veil there which separates the next world from the True Afterlife. What is on the other side, even they have to guess. Angels only give them hints.
 But what about Heaven & Hell? Ah yes, those two. Have you ever thought about what happens to a stillborn baby, a new born, a severely retarded adult who needs constant care? Do they go to heaven or hell? No. They instantly reincarnate.
 Now there’s reincarnation too? Well, yes and no. “Weighted Souls” go to heaven or hell. Heaven & Hell are not what you think. Those who really devoutly believe they are pure, those preachers and holy rollers go to a personal heaven where they get what they want. Pleasure & Bliss all day, everyday. And those who fear they have committed a sin suffer for it in a private hell. All scary things, devils with pokers, etc.,. Whatever their minds can conjure up to torment them. Now let’s ponder the nature of these to things. How long can you be pleasured or tormented before it becomes, well, boring? After a while a soul seeks something else and they are freed of their private worlds and cross to The Next World. This is why suicide is such a terrible sin to most cultures. Suicide to escape the torment of the life traps you in an extremely vicious private hell where you relive your whole life over and over until you are strong enough to not kill yourself. Most soul reach Oblivion before they can escape.
 Oblivion? Remember how I said you have a certain amount of life force when you die. Well if that runs out your soul vanishes. It’s called Reaching Oblivion. This is why crossed souls reincarnate. If they can’t figure out how to become Enlightened, they reincarnate to avoid Oblivion. And so they force a bubble and become an animating spirit hoping to get it right the next time around. They live this new life learning and growing to become Enlightened.
 So where is God? Everywhere. Take a look at the Bible and you’ll find the answer only one priest ever got right. God is omnifarius. If he is every form then what “image” was Adam created in. It can’t be his body. We’d be whole universes! The answer is Divinity. The Human Conscience is the only thing which makes us truly unique. No other creature understands the motives behind things beyond simple Cause & Effect. A dog may know not to knock over the trash can a root through it. But this is only because you will hit them. They don’t understand that you hit them because you don’t like to clean up garbage off your freshly stained carpet. Even a smart dog who does it because they’re mad at you only knows that it will make you mad, too. They don’t think about stains. We understand things on a level only god, angels, & demons can. And of all those we are the only ones who are mortal. We are the only ones who can physically change the world for a long protracted time. Even God & angels can only manifest briefly. Most demons can’t at all. Just the Archdukes and Princes.
 The propose of living is to EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING to LEARN EVERYTHING. Not as a single individual but humanity as a whole. And when humans have learned it all. After we all die off. After we all become Enlightened we will be one with God. Because WE ARE GOD’S HANDS & FINGERS & TOES & HEART. If between us all we have learned and experienced everything in the universe. WE ARE GOD. Jesus said it best, “Lift a stone, I am there. Chop a piece of wood and you will find me. The Kingdom of god is within you.” – The Gospel of Thomas 1:1  ‘Harm not thy neighbor for you harm yourself.’

 God is in all of Us. Because We are within God. He surrounds Us because, We surround Him. He comforts Us because, We comfort Each Other. He gives Us Hope because, We give Each Other Hope. He saves us because, We save Each Other. He loves Us because, We love Each Other. In Our Greatest Glory, We are not Children of God, but His Very Hands, Helping Each Other, Loving Each Other, Saving Each Other. Ask not where God is in Your Life. Look at Those around You. Look in the Mirror.

 Be not Vain, for You cannot see the Beauty in Others,
 Nor Gluttonous, for You will find Yourself Wanting,
 Nor Greedy, for You take from Others,
 Nor Envious, for You cannot then love Yourself,
 Nor Sloth-like, for You will Experience nothing,
 Nor Lustful, for You will not be able to take the time to Learn,
 Nor Wrathful, for Harm to Others is Harm to Yourself.

 In what I have written you will find not one once of hatred for the kind. I will not tell you fire and brimstone await you if you do not convert. That is the way of Heathens, of Bigots, of Devils. I will love you be you Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, Catholic, Wiccan, or any other. God is in ALL religions because, He is You as much as I. No more, no less. I’m not asking you to love blindly. But, love those who will let you. Those who love you. Show others kindness as much as sanity will allow.

 I Wish You Well, My Wayward Flock. Believe Whatever You Will. I Will Choose To Believe That, On Some Level, I Have Reached You. You Go Now With God Child, As I Do. And With My Love. May Your Life Be Filled With Love. And My You Fill Others Lives With It, As Well.


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